The British Silverware team in Sheffield have the full range of skills needed for the production of exquisite, high quality, unique silverware.

The Design Department is an integral part of the company for the important start of the process in order for our clients to take their vision to the reality. CAM technology enables a quick response from initial design to the prototype.

The Silversmith’s knowledge is the lifeblood of the hollowware and bespoke department and it is their finesse that enables us to create unique pieces of silverware together with high quality tableware. In particular our Silversmiths utilise their exceptional skills when working on the bespoke pieces for which we are renowned.

British Silverware is delighted to benefit from having one of the few Chasing & Saw Piercing craftsmen who enables us to offer our clients a true artisanal craft. We also have chasing apprenticeships in order to ensure this distinctive silverware skill continues into the 21st century and beyond.

We have three areas devoted to Silver Preparation - hand sand buffing, silver polishing and silver finishing - to ensure the finished piece has an enduring quality finish.

Hand Raising or hammering is a unique skill which enables a flat sheet of metal to be fashioned in to any shape which allows the design of a unique piece without compromise and restriction. We are also able to replicate a treasured item, replace or add to a collection exactly as required.

The in-house Casting department originally supplied the jewellery trade and now gives British Silverware the versatility and flexibility to create the decoration for our own objects and centre pieces. This facility has led to us producing bespoke pieces for the vintage car market, presentation sword parts and many other unique requests.

Electroplating - It is important to ensure quality throughout the manufacturing process so we have our own Silver Plating and Gold Plating departments. This ensures British Silverware can measure the quality at all times using the XFR machines which offer clients the reassurance that the deposits required are achieved. This also ensures an accurate time line for creation of the silverware.